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Morning staffing:

Year 2 and 3

Mrs Foulkes (Class Teacher)

 Mrs Holmes (ETA)


Year 4 and 5

Mr Mosley (Class Teacher) 

Miss Benn (Cover Supervisor) 


Afternoon staffing

Class 2 (Year 3, 4 and 5)


Mr Mosley and Miss Benn

Year 5 Easter Journey

The Year 5 children attended the Easter Journey at Almondbury Methodist Church.  They joined the other Year 5 children from the Green Hills First Federation – Thurstonland First School and Denby First School.

The journey involved listening to the Easter story, and then acting out some of the scenes.

All the children joined in well, they were exceptionally well behaved and showed they were able to reflect on the key messages about Holy Week.



 Year 5 Bikeability Training

All the pupils in Year 5 took part in in Bikeability training.  The training was over 2 days and all the pupils passed with flying colours.  On the first day they built up their confidence on indicating, riding with one hand and steering, then on the 2nd day they all went out on the road around Farnley Tyas. 

Fire Pit Baking

Class 2 pupils enjoyed an afternoon in the outdoor classroom baking on the open firepit.  It was a messy afternoon with flour going everywhere and very doughy hands, but thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!


Scone Baking

All the pupils in Class 2 enjoyed an afternoon baking scones with Mrs Bower.  The learnt how to follow a recipe and weight out the correct quantities of ingredient.  Some beautiful scones were baked and then enjoyed at break time the following day.