Our Christian Values

As a Church school we have a distinctive character where Christian values are promoted in all aspects of school life.  We encourage all members of the school community to promote a Christian ethos where care and respect is shown to everyone.  As a Church school there are strong links with St. Lucius' Church.  Reverend Mark leads Worship each Monday morning and other members of the church visit regularly to support the school and the learning of the children.  The children practise and live the values of:  Trust, Peace, Compassion, Friendship and Forgiveness.


Ethos and Worship Group

We now have an Ethos and Worship group within school. Six children make up our group and have so far been very busy! 

They decided as a group that the first School Christian Value that we would focus on would be ‘Compassion’. They thought that this was something that children at Farnley Tyas already did quite well within school, however they thought that we could extend this Christian Value to our wider community. People of Huddersfield that maybe homeless and how to help them was where the children’s thoughts ran to ‘The Huddersfield Mission’ where they handed over the cheque and got some very valuable insight into how the charity runs from Paul, who runs the charity.

 Our Christian Values Trail

Children explore our values through reflection stations set up around the school.  This is a time for them to have time with God.  


Collective worship in St. Lucius' Church



Special Visitors

We have a wide range of visitors to school help reinforce our Christian Values through, story telling, puppet shows, quizzes and drama.