Across the Green Hills First Federation, we have planned a high quality P.E. curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities.  We aim to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing confidence, resilience and competence in a range of physical activities within school and the wider community. Our curriculum educates pupils about their health and well-being and promotes active participation so that that they can live healthy and active lives, now and in the future. We encourage our pupils to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences.

We look for the awe and wonder in the world around us and celebrate our part in this. Through our Christian beliefs, we develop our spirituality through cooperating and collaborating with each other as part of an effective team and treating others fairly and equally. 


P.E. is taught as part of a half-termly topic, focusing on the knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. It is taught on a rolling programme to ensure all key skills and knowledge are taught and revisited throughout both Key Stages.

Pupils participate in high quality PE lessons each week, covering two sporting disciplines every half term. In addition, children are encouraged to take part in daily physical activity opportunities in lessons and at playtimes and partake in a varied range of extra-curricular activities. In KS2, children take part in swimming lessons a swell as attend residential visits where they can join in with outdoor and adventurous activity challenges, individually and within a team.

Our PE curriculum is structured to be inclusive and motivating for all. We aim to provide a range of sports experiences during which every child participates to develop their skills and learning through competitive team and individual sports. This is further developed through the Shelley Pyramid Sport, in which children have further opportunities to attend competitive sporting events within the local area and develop teamwork and leadership skills. 


Children will be equipped with skills to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. 

Children will be physically active for sustained periods of time through competitive sport, active lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Through educating children about their health and well-being, children will be happier, healthier and lead more active lives.



Cross Country & Quad Kidz

4 of some of our youngest children in school took part in a Cross Country Event which was held at Shelley College. Huge well done to Oliver (Rec), Aoife, Ella and Finn (all Y1).  They all completed the course with Ella coming an outstanding 2nd place for Year 1 girls. Congratulations and Well done to you all.

Also, all the children in school took part in Quad Kids. This took place on the Recreation Ground and was led by Andy Morris and a group of Young Leaders from Shelley College. Every year the children are challenged to try and improve their scores / times / distances in a series of 4 events:- Long Jump, Throwing, Sprint and Distance Running. Everyone tried really hard and pushed themselves to do their very best.


Girls Federation Football Team – Winners of the Shelley Pyramid Cup.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our all girl Federation Football Team for a superb team effort in the recent Shelley Pyramid sports event at Shoot 5. The girls showed real team spirit, lots of determination, strength and support. The team won all of their matches and only conceded 2 goals. It was a brilliant display of true team spirit, with the girls changing positions, including goal keeping, whilst they were cheered on and given super support by some very proud parents. Well done girls. Let’s hope this is the start of some amazing girls footballing talent moving forward. 


High 5 Netball

Huge Congratulations to our Key Stage 2 ‘High 5’ Netball Team who took part in the Shelley Pyramid Netball Tournament. They all played incredibly well and showed great team spirit in attacking, defending and shooting. They played 5 matches in total, each match being 8 minutes long. Overall, they won 3 games, lost one and drew 0-0 in the final match achieving a very proud 3rd place to a fantastic team. A really big WELL DONE to you all and a big thank you to Miss Crowther for her brilliant netball coaching over the last few weeks.

Year 4 and 5 Girls’ Athlete Mentoring Day

To build self-esteem, resilience and promote the positive impact of physical activity on physical and mental wellbeing, the Year 4 and 5 girls within the Federation all took part in a series of workshops led by Commonwealth Silver & Bronze Medallist, Jenny Wallwalk.

The girls from Thurstonland and Farnley Tyas travelled to Denby First School, where over the course of the day, many new friendships were formed through group activities that promoted teamwork, problem solving and being active. Jenny also shared her personal story about her journey to success and how she overcame difficulties along the way.

Well done to all of the Year 4 and 5 girls for trying new activities, being positive and working collaboratively together as a Federation.



Huddersfield Town Football Club

Andy Booth and Michael Hefele from Huddersfield Town Football Club came to speak to all the pupils about fitness through learning and how to perform as part of a team.