School Council


Welcome to our 'School Council' page.  We have children from both classes who listen to the opinions of others in school.  Read the values of each member below.  

To mark Remembrance Day the School Council have been selling wrist-bands, poppies, bracelets and other items.  Thanks to everyone for their kind donations.

I wanted to be a school councillor because I have lots of ideas to help with fundraising for charities. I will also help students if they are stuck with their work and I will help the school all I can. I also have a few ideas about where we could go next on a school trip. I can listen to other pupils ideas and say a few of my ideas to help them.



I think I will be a good school councillor because I will think about others in the school and in the community. I will try to come up with new fundraising ideas. I will make a good councillor because I am friendly and will listen to other people’s ideas and share my own. I want to make the school a happy place to be. I want to make the school better for the children.


I wanted to be a school councillor because I am kind and have good ideas.  We want to fundraise as much as we can, so we can give money to charity.  We have already helped Farm Africa and the British Legion by donating poppies.  I wont be bossy, but will listen to other people's ideas to help the school be a happy place

I wanted to be a school councillor because I want to make money to help people who don’t have as much money as we do. I will think of good ideas to help with fundraising for everyone to come to.

I want to make the school a better place by being a good friend who is kind and helpful to others.


Community Hub

Some of our School Council members joined other boys and girls from across the Pyramid at the launch of the Community Hub.  The children had a wonderful time at Badgen Hall in Denby Dale.  


Red Nose Day

Well done to the School Council for assisting in the cake sale for Red Nose Day.  We were rushed off our feet with the marvelous turn-out by parents and children.  


We have been busy raising money already this year.  At the Harvest Festival the School Council helped to run a cake stall.  The money raised was donated to 'FarmAfrica'.