Health and Well-being


We promote healthy life styles for all of our children, both in and out of school.  Take a look at some of the things our children have been up to.


Virtual Sports-day

This year the children who were in school took part in a virtual sports day. They enjoyed taking part in the activities and also learnt some new skills. 




Robin Wood 2019

Accompanied by Mrs Bulmer and Mrs Howbridge, Year 4 & 5 have just returned from an action packed trip to Robin Wood.  The children showed strength, determination, courage and overcame some fears by experience a whole range of activities on offer.  The children enjoyed activities such as; zip wire, giant swing, night-line, trapeze, amongst many others.  It was a full on trip with children participating in over 15 different sessions from 8 am - 9pm. 

Active lunchtimes

The school council recently carried out a questionnaire about how we can improve activity at lunch time.  They also found out what we are doing well. 


Things that children like about playtimes

"I like the dance box!"

"That we have specialist equipment on certain days."
"We play lots of fun games."
"I like how we can work in the garden."
"I like how both classes play together."
"I like how there is things to play with everyday."


Improvements the children would like at playtime

"More playtime equipment"

"I would like to see more running and sports games."


Class 2 were getting active this morning by working their hearts and most importantly having fun!


The children in Class 2 enjoyed an active and fun outside maths lesson.

Outdoor Learning

Children across the school got active outdoors by planting fruit and vegetables.  The food that we grow is either used in our school dinners or, it is sold in our farmers market. 


Part of promoting healthier lifestyles is working outdoors.  We had 3 new arrivals in school which they children in KS2 look after on a weekly rota.  This includes, daily collecting of eggs, feeding and watering, mucking out and selling of eggs.  We try and promote healthy living and eating by educating the children where their food comes from.

 Sponsored Walk


We walked to the village of Thurstonland; through the woods and across the fields. We called in at our Federation school - Thurstonland - for a well deserved picnic and a play in the park before walking back to Farnley Tyas.