Valuing the Arts in School

Wearable European Landmarks!

Wearable landmarks? Yes you heard correctly.  What a fun day of researching, designing and building. The children in KS2 spent the day with Chloe Williams in her studio to create these fantastic wearable structures.  We looked at all the different people who may go to Art School - then for the rest of the day we specialised in 3D design.  The children worked non stop to complete these  in the time we had at the studio then at the end of the day we put on a little catwalk show for parents and all the children to view these creations.  

Shelley College Dance Festival

What a performance the children put on at Shelley College Dance Festival.  The children worked with professional dancer Miss Chloe to create an amazing dance on the night; they had been working for weeks learn the routine. Children from both KS1 & KS2 took part in the dance festival.

Creative Large Scale Prints

Class Two travelled to the Land of the Lava Monsters.  They used printing and layering techniques to create the background and splattered paint to create the illusion of explosions. The children then made stencils of their lava monsters and printed them on to paper.


Exploring Printing

Look at the fabulous prints that have been going on in school today.  We have been totally original and had a go at lots of different techniques to see what we liked and what works well.  We had some really constructive conversations about the outcomes of the work.

Kirklees Biennale

Farnley Tyas First School took part in the Kirklees Biennale Celebrations.  We worked with artist Izzy and Chloe to produce these amazing pieces of art that were positioned along the railway line. The focus was on local landmarks and the children studied the effects of light, tone and the colour-wheel.

 Working with Izzy Denton

Izzy Denton came into school to work with children in KS2.  We created large scale artworks that explored local landmarks and taught the children to look at contrasting colours and tones. Izzy worked with the children for 2-days in school. The paintings are part of a large scale collaboration with other local schools in the area.  The project is part of Kirklees Biennale.  You can find out more on the Biennale website. 

Mystery at Magpie Manor

What an incredible performance!  All the children in school shone with confidence and absolutely nailed this year's Lever's performance.  WE had some excellent feedback from the school community.  Thanks to all those that came to watch - Mystery at Magpie Manor. 

Honley Show

These amazing Hans Holbien portraits were entered into Honley Show.  We had to study the work of Holbien and attempted to create similar tones to those used by Henry VIII favourite portrait painter. Take a look at some of the critiques from the children in school.


Cross Stitch & Victorians

Look at these fabulous examples of cross-stitch by the Year 4 and Year 5 pupils. Children designed their own patterns on squared paper, then used the patterns to sew Christmas Cards. The children had to develop expert needle work skills to be able to do this.  

Carol Singing in Matalan

The children in class 2 visited Matalan to raise money for the NSPCC charity. They performed Christmas carols for 2 hrs to the public and had a fantastic afternoon. The children sounded fantastic and a great confidence booster prior to our Christmas Performance.

Young Voices

Class Two children travelled to Sheffield Arena and had a wonderful day, with hundreds of other performers, at the Young Voices Show.  The children got to watch a wide range of talented artists and sing in front of thousands of people. A fantastic experience for all. 

Music Lessons at Farnley Tyas First

Class Two enjoy a weekly brass lesson with Kirklees Music School every week for 3 years.  They have the choice whether to play the cornet or trombone.  Class One have a weekly chime bells lesson on a Monday.  We believe strongly that following music, keeping to the rhythm helps children promotes concentration across all areas of the curriculum. 

 Honley Feast

To kick start our new school year,the children got into the community spirit by collaborating with artist Chloe Williams to create elephants masks.  Children were part of the launch event for Honley Feast, a tradition community event, in which they paraded through the village playing musical instruments alongside the Honley Samba Band.  This event was just one of the brilliant ways in which our school discovers the arts and embeds them into our curriculum.  Back in school, the children have been learning about life in South America and the Rainforests.  In our weekly brass lesson KS2 children are learning the sounds of Samba and the Rumba!


Take a peek inside our sketch books and read the feedback from parents and pupils.




 "The sketches are fab. Cate has been particularly interested in Indian culture and fashion."

"A brilliant idea to showcase everybody's work."



"The range of work that my children are involved with is extensive it has supported their understanding of different arts and artists.  They have enjoyed all of it."

 "It was tricky drawing the mouth."


" I found the hardest thing was the petals."



We created a field of sunflowers for the Tour de France Grand Depart parachutes.


We created these robot models form recycled carboardboxes and covered them with modrock



Click on these sketches to enlarge them.


 In Art Club we were inspired to create our own Mondrian with acrylic on canvas


Concrete Poetry

We have written our own poems, based on the story of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

To look closer, click on the images.




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