Curriculum Statement


'Working together to be the best we can be.'

At Farnley Tyas First School the curriculum is planned on a three year cycle.  Years R,1 and 2 follow similar curriculum as do Years 3,4 and 5.  Throughout the three years all elements of the National Curriculum 2014 are covered.

Our curriculum is designed to be engaging and relevant to the children in our school today.  It provides opportunities for independence, collaboration, creativity and exploration.

The long term plan maps out coverage of subjects such as History, Geography and Science which are used to plan topic titles.  Links are made where possible to subjects such as Design Technology, Art, Computing and Music, but these subjects are also planned as standalone lessons where necessary.  French (KS2 only) PE, PSHCE and RE are also taught throughout the year, cross curricular links are made but subject specific schemes of work are followed.

Maths and English permeate throughout the whole curriculum.  Children will be taught at and above year group expectations, with additional support and interventions in place for those children who require it.

In English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are developed.  There is a high focus on punctuation and grammar but an equally high expectation of creativity and presentation.  The reading scheme we follow is a colour banded scheme devised in school to ensure progression.  Reception children are taught using a synthetic phonics scheme - Letters and Sounds.  This builds children's speaking and listening skills to prepare them for reading and writing.

In Maths children are encouraged to enjoy and explore number with a high expectation for knowing and using number facts.  Where possible maths is taught through a 'using and applying' approach using real life problems and mathematical puzzles.

As well as the planned curriculum which has subject coverage there is also the curriculum which promotes social , moral, spiritual and cultural awareness.  This is a real strength of the school and is integrated in every subject in every part of the day.