Expenditure Summary



Primary PE and Sport Premium plan

Academic year 2016/2017

Total amount received expected to receive approximately £8220


We are required to publish how our Sport Premium money has been used and its impact on PE, sports participation and attainment.

The table below shows how we intend to spend the money.


Action and Expenditure


To improve motivation of pupils and pupil engagement in all areas of learning, but particularly PE and sport.

After school are in place where a range of activities can be undertaken.

After school clubs expected expenditure £200


High quality teaching is being developed throughout school to ensure it is at least good and more often outstanding.

Staff continue to work alongside a specialist PE teacher to develop their PE skills and delivery of PE lessons.

Expected Cost of specialist PE teacher £1400


To ensure successful outcomes for all pupils (including vulnerable groups, most able and those in receipt of pupil premium).

School will continue to be a member of the Pyramid Sports Partnership which provides a wealth of targeted activities, competitions and festivals including those for SEND and most able pupils.


Sports partnership levy is expected to be £2161

Encouragement of a of healthy lifestyle through pupils' increased understanding of healthy food production and a love of the outdoors.

Children to be educated about food sources through continuing development and use of the vegetable boxes, surrounding garden area, outdoor classroom and the wider curriculum.


Purchase of mud-kitchen to promote healthy outdoor play

expenditure £1039



Increase pupil engagement and inclusion through purchase of equipment.

New equipment and erection of new playground fence allowing children to participate in games and sports.

Expenditure £2690.00


Increase pupil engagement and inclusion in swimming. An extra member of staff is paid to accompany children on bus to swimming lessons.  This enables every child in KS2 to benefit from a swimming lesson every week for three years.  

£730 is spent on enabling all children in Years 3, 4 and 5 to participate in weekly swimming lessons.


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