Arts Curriculum

The Arts Mark gold was presented to the school in recognition of its development in four key areas. 



Music is a strong and important element in the curriculum at Farnley Tyas First School.  Each class has a dedicated music lesson delivered by a professional music teacher from Kirkees Music School using chime bars (KS1) or brass instrument (KS2).  In addition, each class has a dedicated weekly singing lession led by a professional choir leader.  Through these music lessons children develop their skills in preformance, transcription, composition and the ability to describe music.  Music is further developed cross curricular through topic themes as appropriate.  We participate in local and regional events and sing regular in Church and assemblies. 



Dance is taught by a specialist during PE lessons and followed up with a dance after school club which culminates at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.  The children also participate in Shelley College Dance Festival once a year.  During celebration assemblies and performances the children choreograph their dances with the support of teachers in school.   Afterschool clubs are a mixture of dance, drama and musical theatre. 


Though not taught as a stand alone lesson drama is an integral part of the curriculum particularly in English, RE and PHSE.  Children have the opportunity to develop thier ideas through drama and role play and perform their own playscripts.  Children put on two large productions - one at Christmas and the other as part of the Year 5 leavers assembly. 


 We encourage  passion and commitment to the subject of art, all elements of the subjcet are developed including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, print, textiles and digital media.  We have a sustained partnership with local artist and are able to work off site at specific times during the year to make use of and art studio.  This allows a more specialised and large scale approach to be developed.  Links throughout the curriculum are made with art where ever possible.